1953 XK120 FHC
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Original Condition Comments Rebuild Progress
Copy of PA260027.jpg (120310 bytes) 22 years ago the owner started a bodywork project on the car, then he got married... Battery Box in rebuild, found all new sheet metal and wood.
Copy of PA260022.jpg (108790 bytes) The battery box area has been chopped up and reduced in size so there is more leg room.  It looks reversible. After Painting, it was reversible - but not inexpensive...
Copy of PA260023.jpg (113412 bytes) The engine looks pretty clean, he had it out and the head off before the body work started New filler, jumbo sized. Project37.jpg (152734 bytes)
Copy of PA260024.jpg (132976 bytes) The front clip has been replaced - the clip looks good but the splice job is 4th rate. The first day of reassembly
Copy of PA260025.jpg (97932 bytes) The owner reworked the driver side splice - better than the RH but still needs to be reworked.  Greg, the guy who brought the body and frame back from the edge..
Copy of PA260026.jpg (136448 bytes) The car was originally white. 4 days later, the happy crew...
Copy of PA260021.jpg (93451 bytes) The crash that resulted in the clip replacement mangled the frame uprights - they will need to be reconstructed. Now with eyes, bumpers and a motor.